The skin is an important organ

The skin is the largest and certainly one of the most beautiful human organs. Diseases of the skin belong to the most common diseases at all, they are increasing and have a high psychosocial importance.

Many therapies were developed empirically. There is a higt need for better modes of therapy. The skin is an interesting model organ, some skin diseases are interesting model diseases.

The skin is an immunologic organ

The immune system has a substantial influence on the initiation and course of skin diseases, esspecially of chronic inflammatory diseases.

The skin is the only visible immunologic organ. Some skin diseases are immunological model diseases.

The skin is a model organ

The insight into the molecular mechanisms of skin diseases offers chances for well targeted interventions - i.e. specific therapies. Access to the skin is comparatively easy. The efficacy of new therapies can be objectified rather easily and well.

Being the border area between organism and environment, the skin is highly suited for examinations of the influence of changing external/ environmental conditions on humans.

Current status of research

In each of the fieldds of dermatology, immunology and allergology Germany is competitive and respected in academic as well as in industrial research, it does, however, not have a clear leading position.

So far, the relevant branches have only been netted to a certain degree. There are many good examples for collaborations between industry and academia, yet they are all in all rather sporadic.

So there is a good start position, high potential for synergies that is not yet fully used.